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The Help You May Need - Starts Here

The Help You May Need - Starts Here

The Help You May Need - Starts Here


Through the days and coming weeks, you will find a substantial collection of what we consider helpful tidbits of information. Please take what you need or want and pass the rest to a friend.

Car Shopping: Do Your Homework to Get a Good Deal

Cars are one of the most expensive and important things we buy.  They are also one of the most difficult.  Getting a good price on a car typically requires negotiating, a skill not called for in our everyday purchases.  And returns are rarely accepted on new or used cars.

Additionally, car ads may be misleading, the dealer's sales tactics can be high-pressure, and the financing options are subject to fine print.  For all these reasons, it's important to educate yourself before you head out to an auto dealership..

Read these articles on buying and owning a car to get  started:

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